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Resin bound surfacing provides an excellent and attractive finish that is both durable and structurally very strong. Ideal for many surfacing requirements. Resin bound is a great alternative to the traditional forms of surfacing finishes such as tarmacadam or block paving.

Resin driveways Bradford

We will work with your budget and schedule to create a beautiful and durable resin driveway

Clean lines, stunning flawless finishes and every application is unique due to the flexibility of the aggregrates and resin colours used.

Aggregates such as quartz and granite come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and textures and even more colour options. By using different blends we can maximise structural strength and create stunning finishes.

But be careful when you get a quote for elsewhere and make sure you choose “polyurethane”(UV Stable) and not “epoxy” resin and choose the “bound” process and not the “bonded” process.


This resin bound surface includes solid chips coated in polyurethane resin. These chips can be aggregate, plastic, marble, or other different types of material. The mixture provides a smooth base and a permeable upper surface; which is especially important in the prevention of puddles.

Therefore, you get a surface where water, cracking of loose gravel, and other issues are eliminated in other words a driveway dream.


If you have a stable surface with no cracks or loose crumbling areas in the form of your original drive, we can create a resin driveway simply by overlaying the resin bound aggregate on top of the original.

But there are few perfect surfaces to lay our resin on so we clean the original surface and remove any debris, making good any loose or cracked areas. If there is not a good natural border such as a wall then we would recommend that we install block paving around the perimeter raised by approx 20mm, but any extra work like this will be listed in our quotation.

The resin is mixed with the gravel in a special forced action mixer making sure the aggregate is fully covered by the resin. The resin bound gravel is then trowelled onto the prepared original driveway surface. The driveway should not be walked on for at least 24 hours, so it is better that you have an alternative access to your home.

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Resin driveways Bradford and Resin driveways Bradford

Three advantages of Resin Drives


The prime reason for choosing resin-bound materials is that they’re easy to maintain as well as the installation process being so simple. We always use UV-stable resin which means your driveway won’t fade or discolour over time.

So opt for UV-stable materials and simply clean the drive regularly with brush or pressure washer to keep a pristine drive.


Resin bound drives are comparable in cost to block paving but the ongoing maintenance cost/effort is much less than a block paved drive as there is a reduced chance of soil/dust entrapment leading to seed seed germination. Our installation will also be approved for Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems.


We believe that resin driveways give you the best possibility of making your drive stand out from your neighbours by allowing your own design ideas to be embedded into the drive. The look and feel of a professionaly installed resin drive is beyond comparison.

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