Dry Ridge

RidgeFast is the fast and easy way to install a ventilated dry ridge. The unique system is designed to simply roll out along the ridge and is far quicker than mortar bedding.

Dry Ridge Advantages

It's Universal

Thanks to a unique fixing system RidgeFast can be used with all standard ridges,tiles and slates. The 6-metre roll is easily moulded to the shape of any tile or slate and the grey colour of the side flashing replicates a mortar finish.

It's Ventilated

Provides a minimum ventilated area of 5,000 sq.mm. per linear metre and is suitable for ventilating flat tiles. Specially designed blanking strips allow you to use RidgeFast with ridge and gas vent terminals.

It's Maintenance Free

The dry fixing method offers considerable advantages, not only in the speed of installation, but also in long-term economy and safety. If you would like to read below, it will explain all the advantages you would have on your property.

Fully Insured

We are appropriately insured and all our staff are fully trained

Quality Materials

Materials we use have high endurance and resistance to both time and weather conditions.

Reasonable Price

We will provide a fast quotation and keep our promises. We will not expect one penny until the work is completed to your satisfaction.

Free Surveys

We offer free site surveys to ensure you’re getting the most out of your roofing and driveways solution.

The dry roof offers specifiers, designers and fixers the following benefits over mortar bedding.

Benefits Include:

  • Mechanically fixed to resist the highest wind forces likely to occur in the UK
  • Maintenance – free
  • Allows all weather laying and fixing
  • Eliminates the problems associated with mortar
  • Quick and simple to lay and fix
  • Provides a consistent attractive finish
  • Provides continuous ventilation at ridge
  • Fully tested against the elements to secure the roof in severe weather conditions
  • Eliminate problems of mortar failure due to poor workmanship
  • Quick and easy to fit with no special tools required
  • Can be laid even when bad weather is expected
  • Incompatible ventilation at the ridge
  • Compatible with most tiles and slates
  • Comply with BS 5534 requirements for mechanical fixing, and BS 5250 for ventilation


Like all of our products, the durability of our dry-fix systems has been extensively tested under all climatic conditions, from the UV rays of the blazing sun to sub-zero temperatures. They are also laid on roofs in our purpose built wind tunnel to assess their performance against the UK and Ireland’s most severe storm conditions. This thorough approach has enabled us to achieve Agreement Certification for the majority of our dry fixed systems.

Redland leads the way in the development of mechanical or “Dry-Fix” roofing systems to provide neat, maintenance-free and cost effective roofing solutions that will stay put no matter what the weather brings.

Our Redland dry-fix systems eliminate the need for mortar bedding ridge, hips and verges and are secure against high winds and storms.

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